Monday, September 22, 2008

My meeting with a DOC, or, evidence that I might be a little too into wedding planning

I’ll admit that I’ve been reading wedding blogs for the past 9 months. I figured that I may as well get lots of ideas and do lots of research while I had the time in Baltimore because I knew that when (who am I kidding, IF) I moved back to NYC, I probably wouldn’t have the time.

I was right.

I started my new job in July and there is no way in the world I can look at wedding blogs or other sites at work. Not only am I so busy at work that I barely get to check my email, but I work for the City government, so they can totally track my computer usage and I’m pretty sure my boss wouldn’t be too down with daily reading of Weddingbee and perusing of the wedding section of

Anyway, back to my point. My many months of research have turned up many of the same names – a few DJs, day of coordinators, and florists keep getting rave reviews on pretty much every wedding-related item I’ve browsed, so, of course, I took note of who these people were so that I could contact them when it came time to actually start planning the wedding.

One DOC got the most amazing reviews I’ve ever read, so I contacted her shortly after getting engaged last month. We didn’t have a date at the time, though, so she told me to get back to her when we did. You better believe I sent her an email the second I faxed over the deposit. We arranged to meet this afternoon at a location halfway between our workplaces in downtown Manhattan. Work has been not-so-hectic lately so I figured that a mid-day appointment wouldn’t be a problem.

I was wrong.

My 11:30 meeting went almost until 1 pm, which is when I was supposed to meet said DOC. I sent her an email at 12:55 asking if we could reschedule for later in the day or week, but it turns out she’s booked for the rest of the week and will be out of town next week, meaning I wouldn’t be able to meet with her until the 2nd week of October. Which of course meant that someone else would get her for my wedding date and then I’d be high and dry and my wedding would not be perfect and oh my god I can’t believe my stupid work meeting ran late and why don’t I have a blackberry so that I could have sent her a message during the meeting and now I can’t get the DOC that I’ve read about for 9 months and emailed right after I booked my venue and I am so organized and on top of things but I have been foiled by a stupid meeting and now I have to find another DOC and ARRRRGHGGHHHHHHH.

Very rational thoughts, I know. My first wedding spazout. Awesome.

Two deep breaths later, I called her up and asked if she would still be available to meet in 15 minutes. Thankfully, she said yes. 15 minutes and two subway stops later, I finally met with her.

Our meeting was great – she’s just as wonderful as everyone has made her out to be and she really knows what she’s doing. I have two weeks to decide if I’ll hire her (she’s holding my date), but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to need all that time. I was really impressed by her warmth, knowledge, and confidence, and I’m completely certain that she can keep things running perfectly the day of the wedding.

So while I have might have some more spazouts in the next year, I’m pretty sure I won’t have one on the wedding day!

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kristen said...

for many many years i thought i wanted to be a wedding planner. then i was alerted to the whole day of coordinator thing and REALLY wanted to do that... sadly i dont know how one gets a reputation! you'll have to tell me what she does thats so great just incase i get canned in the whole financial crisis bs...