Thursday, January 8, 2009

And you thought I left

How nice of me to show up after nearly 3 months!

Starting now, I’ll be posting more regularly (I’ve come up with a brilliant plan to maximize my time). I’m actually going to start from way back in August and go over our search (and selection of) a venue, baker, and a whole bunch of other vendors.

We got a lot done in the first two months, then kind of cooled it for a bit because a lot of what was left really didn’t need to be done a year in advance. I decided that I would resume planning in 2009 and, oops, 2009 somehow showed up sooner that I expected it to. So now that it’s nearly mid-January, I’m back into full-tilt wedding planning. I keep meaning to sit down and get myself completely organized so that all of this doesn’t get chaotic and overwhelming, but I somehow never manage to do so…funny how that happens.

Anyhow, I’m done procrastinating and am excited to share the planning of our totally awesome wedding with all four of you who read this (and hopefully more than that once I actually start posting regularly).

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